There was a time when I’d tell you
There was a time when I’d say
But I can’t look in your eyes now, baby
Since you sent me away
And I’ve been living in exile
I’m not allowed at the door
You don’t answer my phone calls
You just don’t answer at all

I’ve been tempted to turn up
Unannounced like a ghost
But I know I’m not welcome
I know the options are closed
‘Cos 13 years is a long, long time
And maybe that’s what it takes
’til we can sit in the same room
And for our hearts not to break

Oh, can I tell you that I’m sorry
Without you hating me more?
Oh, can I tell you that I love you
Without you asking what for?

There’s no use in me trying
I know it’s better I’m gone
So I just wander the landscape
I’ve lost the will to go on
But I just wanted to tell you
That should you have second thoughts
Well, I still live in the same house
Just come and knock on the door





(Lyrics – GA Johnson)