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Pioano Magic Discography and releases


Ovations - Piano Magic

Released: October 2009
Label: Make Mine Music (UK)/Darla (North America/Asia)
Label contact:
Format: CD album/180gm vinyl album with download token
Cat number: MMM060/DRL227-2/DRL227-1

Dark Horses

Dark Horses - Piano Magic

Released: October 2008
Label: Make Mine Music (UK)

Format: CD EP
Cat number: MMM054

Part Monster

Part Monster - Piano Magic

Released: May 2007
Label: Important Records (USA), Homesleep (Italy), Green Ufos (Rest Of World)

Format: CD Album Only
Cat number: IMPREC151


Incurable - Piano Magic

Released: April 2006
Label: Important Records (USA)

Format: CD EP only
Cat number: IMPRECO90


Disaffected - Piano Magic

Released: May 2005
Label: Talitres (France & Germany)/Darla (North America)/Green UFOS (RoW)
Label contact:
Format: CD Album Only
Cat number: TAL-020/GREEN020CD/DRL160
Note: Darla version includes bonus track : ‘Deleted Scenes (Extended Mix)’ and Green UFOS version includes bonus track : ‘Jacknifed’

Open Cast Heart

Open Cast Heart - Piano Magic

Released: January 2005
Label: Important Records (USA)/Green UFOS (RoW)

Format: CD EP only
Cat number: IMPRECO45 / Green015CD

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