Due to (hopefully) popular demand, with the aid of Bandcamp, we’re finally able to offer a vinyl pressing of Piano Magic’s ‘The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic.’ The only proviso is that we reach our campaign target within 30 days from now. If we don’t, well, it won’t get made! Pretty simple! Previously only available on CD and digitally, we’re offering ‘The Troubled Sleep…’, remastered by Noel Summerville, on double vinyl, completely re-designed by Martin Andersen/Andersen M Studio – full colour outer, inner bags and disc labels with bonus track, ‘What Does Not Destroy Me.’ There’s also the option to buy one of ten test pressings and the option to have your name, as a sponsor, included in the artwork.Once we reach the campaign goal, we’ll press the button, Bandcamp will manufacture the record and they’ll send it out to you directly. Note : signed copies are not available because the record will be sent directly from source (ie – they will not pass through the hands of the band). If you have any questions, pop them in the Comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Very important to reiterate : if we don’t reach our campaign goal within 30 days, the record won’t get made, so please share!!! You won’t be charged until the campaign is successful. To pledge, please visit : https://pianomagic.bandcamp.com/campaign/the-troubled-sleep-of-piano-magic

Let’s make this happen!