‘Heart Machinery – A Piano Magic Retrospective 2001 – 2008’ (Double CD)

Piano Magic

Definitive double CD introduction to Piano Magic, encompassing their EP, compilation and rare tracks, released between 2001 and 2008. Released on Second Language Music, 2013. Art direction, design and photography by Andersen M Studio. Comes with free bonus disc, ‘Never It Will Be The Same Again’ (originally released as a ltd edition vinyl-only EP in 2006 as part of the EN/OF Series).

Tracklisting :

1. I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow
2. Blood & Snow
3. The Drowning Of St Christopher
4. Speed the Road, Rush The Lights
5. Paulette
6. Luxembourg Gardens
7. What Does Not Destroy Me
8. Saint Marie
9. Fantasia On Old English Airs
10. Dark Ages
11. Lalo
12. Wrong Turn
13. Kind Theme

1. Echoes On Ice
2. The Journal Of A Disappointed Man
3. I Didn’t Get Where I Am Today
4. This Heart Machinery
5. The Inquest Of My Youth
6. A Fist In The Air (A Tear In The Eye)
7. Incurable
8. I Have Moved Into The Shadow
9. Giant Mirror To Light Up Village
10. Lights Come On At 3
11. Dark Horses
12. Stations
13. Vacancies
14. A Book I Should Not Read